Language Works International

Language Works International, is an innovative language center based in Stavanger, Norway.
We offer in person and online Brazilian Portuguese, English, German and Dutch lessons and translations in most European and Asian languages. 
Our teaching method gives emphasis on conversation, therefore our students learn how to speak the language by automatizing it, in the context of every day situations. 
As language learners themselves, our tutors are able to better understand their students' needs and help them in order to achieve their goals. 
All our certified and non-certified translators are specialized and highly qualified professionals. 

Fernanda Loureiro

Fernanda Loureiro 



Fernanda Loureiro has studied Communications and Journalism, in New York City, where she taught Portuguese to beginners and advanced students from various backgrounds. From business executives to those who had family in Brazil from 2005 until 2010. Throughout that time,  she has worked as a Portuguese - English translator at the Department of Public Information at the United Nations Headquarters. 

Upon returning to her hometown Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Fernanda worked as a language teacher and as a translator at a language school called HouseCom Centro de Idiomas. She has taught business English to executives and english as a second language to students. She has also taught Portuguese to foreign executives from multinational companies. 

Fernanda has been living in Europe for almost 5 years. Language Works is the result of her experience combined with her expertise in teaching and translating for over 15 years. Besides in person classes in Stavanger, Norway she has also been teaching students online in Germany, Brazil, the USA and Dubai. Additionally, she has been assisting clients with translations along with a team of highly qualified official translators in Germany, in Brazil among other European and Latin American countries. 

Besides Portuguese and English, Fernanda is also fluent in Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and is currently learning Norwegian. As a language learner herself  and with all the experience and formal education that she has acquired in New York, in Brazil, in Berlin and now in Norway, she would serve as a valuable resource for anyone willing to develop their language skills in Portuguese, English or Italian. 


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